Care for relatives living in the UK

landing-page-imageProfessional Care Consultancy, can relieve the stress of those living overseas, who have responsibility for the care of ageing relatives, or those with disability, in the UK.


We are a Company based in England.  Our qualified and experienced staff will provide a detailed care needs assessment, and arrange the care required, taking into account the needs and preferences of the client/family.


This may include arranging care services at home,  or considering other forms of supported living or alternative residential care services.  Once a solution has been identified and arranged, we offer a monitoring service to ensure changing needs are catered for and reassurance is given both to you and the client.


A thorough assessment is always carried out sensitively with the client/family to identify barriers to independence. Contact is maintained with you at all stages of arrangements.


All practitioners are experienced and registered with the Health and Care Professions Council and provide a flexible person centred service to its clients.


Services include:

  • Case/Care Management
  • Independent Social Work assessment of care needs
  • Arranging care at home
  • Arranging holidays for people with disabilities
  • Reviewing existing care arrangements
  • Arranging supported living
  • Mental Capacity assessments
  • Lasting Power of Attorney Certificate Provider
  • Moving on service
  • Just Checking service (monitoring)
  • Checking properties are secure

Any other services will be considered upon request.

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